Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Spring Celebration 2011 [বসন্ত উথসব ২০১১ (Bosonto Uthsob) ]

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This Photo was taken on 13th Jan at 4:30 pm , from Rabindro Sorobor [ A open air Cultural Venue ] Dhaka BANGLADESH . All the photos are Candid and with less treatment, The Spring Celebration here in BANGLADESH is Commonly known as Bashanto Uthsob,[ Bashanto is a name of Color a name of most soothing weather , a name of flowery days and Most Interesting season here in Bangladesh ]

This is the 1st Day of Falgun[ Falgun is a Bangoli Calendar Month ] Every Bangoli Calendar Year on 13TH February comes as Our Calibration day, Same As Valentine day on 14th Feb , We Follow both the day as our Valentine day, 13th Feb as for Bangoli and 14th Feb as FOR western culture,

Te Fist day of Falgun is memorable for its colorful celebration. People from all age and categories celebrate this day with joy amd Festivities to welcome the spring season . They celebrate this day with folk dances , music, recitations and rallies throughout the country to commemorate the Bashanta Uthsob. Girls ware Yellow sarees and Boys WARE Yellow Panjabees to celebrate the day, Most of the youth and children’s Painted their faces to make the day more colorful . At the same time , people hope that the coming days will be full of light and Joy,

The Spring [BASHANTO ] Comes to Bangladesh is a end state of Winter and the beginning of Summer, with new leafs in the branches of tress , Beds are full with Flowers in the garden and The Bird [KOKIL] Twitted are all the Happening in Spring [Bashanto ]

Other photo Of this set is available at Spring Celebration 2011 [বসন্ত উথসব ২০১১(Bashanto Uthsob) ]


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