Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Bye Misty 2011

The Misty weather in 2011 almost gone, I was Lucky to visit a village and collect few

seasonal shots, and now here presenting one of the rural Misty Lifestyle and weather , Before if you had Noticed I made a set on city life style and Misty days at Dhaka here ,
The Mist weather by enlarge any weather all over the world, be a misty, rainy or snow, the comes like blessing and when they go  they have there last touch in the society,
And same I observe this yr,  BANGLADESH sustain two cold shock in the country ,
And several people died , and a stormy / rain was although blessings for the farmer er
Still counted at least 20 life from the rurl life here in BANGLADESH,

Even after all those negative , still the surreal Beauty catches peoples eye when you freeze image  , and  that’s the subject for me to present  here in this set ,

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