Monday, April 4, 2011

Dedicated to All Our Honest Image User's

This is Green chilly Flower plant form my Home varanda Tub,
This is Dedicate Honest and creative people who hate Unauthorized download, and pay due respect to the Photographers, He may e a Business person, be a Corporate or even a photographer working for any company. I aso Like to dedicate this to my flickr friends who protected for such an unauthorized use of Image .

The color green symbolize fresh and young, and a green chilly Symbolize the with in the youth, While the white petal of the chilly flower symbolize Honesty , Pace and True dedication to ones profession, In these electronic operating system [EOS] era , a DSLR can be like a green chilly, while the product user’s believe to be like a white petal of the green chilly flowers. Lets we respect each others. BE PEACE , LET ALL BE in PEACE.

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